HSEQ Charter and Policies

Dietsmann strives to protect its employees and earn the trust of its clients. To this end it does its utmost to ensure its employees have all the tools and knowledge they need to guarantee their own safety and security as well as the safety and security of others.

HSEQ is the responsibility of every employee. Dietsmann expects every employee to contribute actively towards improving HSE standards.

A Dietsmann HSEQ Charter has been formulated, which serves as a reference to our HSEQ commitments and governs the Dietsmann HSEQ policies and rules. HSEQ management is continuously improving its policies. Every employee is expected to comply with all Dietsmann’s HSEQ policies and to make an active contribution towards their improvement by:

  • Taking all necessary precautions.
  • Reporting any witnessed near-misses, incidents or accidents.
  • Contributing towards the identification and assessment of risks.
  • Participating in HSEQ training courses.

The eight related HSEQ policies to which we are committed in order to guarantee the highest HSEQ standards are Safety and Security, Health and Industrial Hygiene, Decent Working Conditions, Vehicle Driving, Substance Abuse, HIV/AID, Sustainable Development and Environment Protection.


HSEQ Charter

HSEQ Policies