The three contracts concern Bulgaria’s sole nuclear power plant Kozloduy for repair of various kinds of equipment during the planned annual maintenance of its two functioning units – 5 and 6.

The first contract awarded to Dietsmann Energoremont Holding is of 4.5 million levs (around 2.3 million euros) while the second contract was signed with a tie-up including Dietsmann Energoremont, Atomstroy and Esco Engineering. It amounts to 5.2 million levs (around 2.6 million euros).

The third contract was also won by a tie-up with Esco Enegineering, Enpro Consult and Montazi Co for the amount of 15.5 million levs (around 7.9 million euros). Dietsmann Energoremont Holding was appointed as official subcontractor for the amount of 1.5 million levs (around 760 000 euros).