CSR Policy

Dietsmann’s CSR policy is based on the Company’s core values of loyalty, respect, integrity, efficiency and transparency and aims to clarify to all the Company’s stakeholders how Dietsmann is working on fulfilling the United Nations Global Compact principles to which it committed in 2011.

The policy reflects how Dietsmann strives to implement a development that promotes People, the Planet and Profit.

Dietsmann undertakes its “Corporate Shared Responsibility” through specific in-house training that ensures all its employees understand the Company’s Business Code of Conduct and Ethics policy and integrate it into their day-to-day operations.

Dietsmann’s CSR policy encompasses:

Standards of business conductCompliance

  • Safeguarding good governance through Boards and Committees which ensure clearly divided and defined responsibilities
  • Respecting all relevant laws and regulations and competing transparently and fairly
  • Reporting Dietsmann’s business, social and environmental performance honestly and transparently
  • Implementing and promoting integrity and anti-corruption practices
  • Safeguarding the proper enforcement of Dietsmann’s Business Code of Conduct and Ethics policy through the “Upline” assistance and grievance mechanism

Dietsmann takes its stakeholders’ expectations into account by making truthful, reliable and constant communications with all its stakeholders an integrated component of the Company’s core strategy.

Dedication to employees – Responsibility

  • Safeguarding Human and Labor rights through the “Corporate Shared Responsibility” training and the Upline assistance email
  • Ensuring safe and secure working conditions and constantly striving to improve the Company’s performance in this area through accurate monitoring and by encouraging the involvement of employees at all levels
  • Providing all employees with up-to-date Health & Safety information, training and guidelines
  • Actively promoting equal opportunities, mutual respect and diversity
  • Encouraging professional and personal development at every level within the organization
  • Providing a motivating work environment that is rewarding and that leads to and encourages teamwork

Dedication to business partners – Reliability                     

  • Delivering efficient operations and services that meet the highest quality standards
  • Tailoring the Company’s services to its business partners’ specific requirements
  • Safeguarding confidentiality, information security and the preservation of business records

Involvement in local communities – Citizenship

  • Striving to develop local employment and local procurement
  • Sharing knowledge, including through the implementation of training centers
  • Supporting local organizations
  • Monitoring the Company’s level of involvement


  • Informing employees about and providing them with opportunities to be involved in protecting the environment
  • Focusing on the preventive maintenance of both its own and its clients’ plant and equipment
  • Carefully monitoring the Company’s environmental footprint, including greenhouse gas emissions, and encouraging and implementing eco-friendly behavior that mitigates Dietsmann’s environmental footprint throughout the organization