Dietsmann is pleased to announce the award of a three-year contract with a one-year extension, for the provision of manpower for project management and facilities operation & maintenance support services contract with SPOC.

In fulfilment with the scope of work of the contract Dietsmann will provide technical assistance for SPOC Juba Office, Tharjiath & Mala Field in Block 5A for the below scopes:

  • Management of work
  • Support for Project Management
  • Support for facilities Operations and Maintenance

Alberto Ruggieri, Dietsmann Vice President Operations:

“The recent award received by Dietsmann Nile, a Dietsmann JV in South Sudan in partnerhip with Nilepet, recognizes the excellent service provided in the country and particularly in SPOC in the last 10 years.
Having achieved this important objective, Dietsmann Nile will consolidate his presence in South Sudan and will accellerate the development of the main targets in terms of production consolidation with a dedicated focus on the local content success.”

Cesare Canevese, Dietsmann Chief Executive Officer:

“The award received from SPOC is going to seal further a longtime fruitful collaboration between Company and Dietsmann.
It is based on the high-quality approach Dietsmann keeps taking while delivering services over a timespan that, in this specific case, goes beyond 10 years now.
We are consistently focused on building a customer-centric culture that goes beyond the marketing approach. Every single team within our company is committed to customer satisfaction.
This contract relationship with SPOC represents a further opportunity for Dietsmann to support Company in an extremely competitive market where mutual trust is essential as trying to excel.”