Foxtrot International, recently awarded Dietsmann a Maintenance Engineering & Inspection contract. The contract includes operational & maintenance training services and the supply of operating manuals for its new Marlin platform located offshore of the Ivory Coast’s capital city, Abidjan.

The project will be managed by the Dietsmann Toulouse Maintenance Engineering & Inspection team.

Dietsmann is the Leading Independent Specialist in Operation and Maintenance for Oil, Gas, LNG and Power Plants and has 40 years of accumulated know-how of plant and equipment.

The Company currently employs a total workforce of over 5700 people. Dietsmann N.V. is a privately-held company with its registered office in Breda, the Netherlands, an International Support & Coordination office in Monaco, Engineering offices in France and Italy and operational subsidiaries in most oil-producing countries in West, East and North Africa, the Caspian Sea Region, Russia and Latin America.