This 7-year Desulphurisation & Marine O&M Contract awarded to Dietsmann by the Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) represents Dietsmann’s first in Kuwait.
The Contract confirms the dynamic expansion of the Company’s Middle East Regional Business Unit (RBU).
Indeed, Kuwait will be Dietsmann’s 5th country of operations in this RBU, along with Qatar, Iraq, UAE and South Sudan.

This Contract concerns the Operations & Maintenance of Sulphur Granulation Units, Tankages and Marine Facilities at the Al-Zour Refinery, located approximately 90km south of Kuwait City.
The Al-Zour Refinery is being built to supply ultra-low sulphur petroleum products to both Kuwait and the world market.
The Refinery will encompass all the activities and facilities required to process up to 615,000 barrels per calendar day of crude oil.
The Scope of Work of the contract includes the Operation & Maintenance activities related to the Al-Zour Refinery Sulphur Granulation Facilities, Solid Handling Pier, Tankages and Marine Facilities.