Dietsmann has made a substantial donation of meds and means to the Departmental Health Services of Pointe Noire, Congo. The support given includes the purchase of 500 doses of rabies vaccines and financing a communication campaign on the risks and the prevention of measles.

On October 10, 2022 His Excellency Gilbert Mokoki, Minister of Health of the Republic of the Congo and Mrs. Aubierge-Victoire Kimpamboudi Matondo, Departmental Director of Health of Pointe Noire, took official delivery of the donation at the Villa Madiba Hotel. Dietsmann was represented by Country Manager Jean-Baptiste Baray, HR Director Roland Sarlabout and HSE Officer Jean-Louis Poati, joined by our local partners François Ndouna and Sylvain Loudi.

The act of donating is a result of Dietsmann’s particular engagement with the Republic of the Congo and its focus on the country’s health sector. His Excellency Mr. Mokoki and Mrs. Kimpamboudi Matondo showed their great appreciation for Dietsmann’s initiative, which is part of a long-term program of regular activities answering to different needs linked to the health sector in Pointe Noire.