On 12 and 13 December 2017 Dietsmann hosted the 1st Inspection and Maintenance Robotics Seminar & Exhibition in Monaco, organized by the Sprint Robotics Collaborative. The event, with the theme ‘Enhancing Productivity & Safety’, was well received, attracting over 125 individual registrations. The Seminar was officially opened during a Welcoming Reception and Networking Dinner at the Oceanographic Institute on 12 December. This was followed on 13 December by a very full and interesting day of presentations and exhibits at the Grimaldi Forum.

The Seminar & Exhibition program covered the development and perspectives of robotics in the field of inspection and maintenance in various industries including oil & gas, chemicals, power generation, aerospace and marine.

Companies exhibiting their robotic solutions and expertise were Diakont, Expert Teleportation, ExRobotics, TBS, In-Robotics, Inuktun, IRTS, Numurus, Olympus, Sonomatics, Taurob, Dietsmann and Sprint Robotics.
Keynote presentations were given by speakers from renowned international companies such as BASF, Chevron, Dietsmann, Dow Chemical, ENEL, Rolls-Royce, Shell, Statoil, TOTAL and VOPAK (see full details: www.sprintrobotics.org). The event also included a number of live demonstrations.

Sprint Robotics Collaborative associated companies consider the use of robotics for technical inspection and maintenance to be a vital next step towards minimizing the impact of the petrochemical industry and other high-capital industries on the environment and maximizing operational safety. Robotic inspection could, for instance, reduce shutdown times and the need for human entry into vessels and other critical assets, such as storage tanks and pressure vessels.

In his keynote presentation Peter Kutemann, Dietsmann President & CEO, highlighted Dietsmann’s involvement in and views on the utilization of robotics in industry: “Dietsmann is an active partner in the Sprint Robotics Collaborative’s Program Committee and in the Action Group Remote Operations and we are proud to be able to share our knowledge and experience of Inspection & Maintenance with the wider asset owner and operator community in the oil & gas, power generation and mining sectors. We are witnessing exciting, fast technological developments that, when applied intelligently and responsibly can lead to safer, cleaner and healthier industrial environments and, at the same time, more cost effective production methods. Even so, we acknowledge that there is still a long way to go, before robots become ‘the norm’ in our industry. When they do it will be a win-win situation for the industry, its employees, the environment and ultimately for the consumer.”

An industry-wide initiative, such as the Sprint Robotics Collaborative, and events such as the Seminar & Exhibition in Monaco, facilitate an increased understanding of industry needs, global networking, connections throughout the value chain, the development of best practices, the fast-tracking of innovations, the removal of entry barriers, access to funding and projects, and knowledge sharing.

Duco Drenth, Dietsmann New Technologies Director summarized the goal of the Seminar during his Welcoming Statement: “Today, we are bringing the whole value chain together, including end users, service providers and technology providers. We want to compile, expand and disseminate robotic industry knowledge. We also want to maintain a network of interested companies and institutions and initiate joint industry projects aimed at R&D and market innovation, with the focus on the safer and smarter performance of our work”.

* Since it was founded in 1977 Dietsmann has grown into one of the largest independent specialists in Operation & Maintenance services and Maintenance Engineering and Inspection for continuous-production plants in the oil & gas, conventional & nuclear power and mining industries. Today more than 6000 highly qualified and trained Dietsmann employees work every day to maintain and optimize assets in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. As part of its continuous efforts to implement smarter and, first and foremost, safer operations, Dietsmann recently joined the Sprint Robotics Collaborative as a participant.
* The SPRINT Robotics Collaborative is a global not-for-profit foundation, driven by asset owners and operators, to promote the development, availability, application and commercialization of robotic technology for the inspection and maintenance of capital intensive infrastructure.