This week Dietsmann increased its share in Taurob GmbH from 20% to 50%

Dietsmann made an initial investment in Taurob in 2019, as both entities shared the common goal of combining Dietsmann’s maintenance know-how and Taurob’s robotics technology to develop and apply robotics solutions on Dietsmann-maintained energy production installations both onshore and offshore.

Today, this strategic collaboration is moving one step further by increasing Dietsmann’s stake in Taurob to 50% and by the establishment of Taurob Services, a 100% subsidiary of Taurob GmbH, dedicated to the manufacturing, distribution and sale or lease of the Taurob Inspection & Maintenance robot.
The Taurob robot is an autonomous inspection robot designed to perform in hazardous operational environments and has already been operating in offshore environments for some major International Energy Companies. The robot is equipped with sophisticated sensors that gather 24/7 real-time equipment data, which –through interpretation and algorithms– allow for extremely effective predictive maintenance.

Dietsmann is a major international maintenance specialist in the energy industry and a leader in advanced predictive maintenance technology.