As part of its continuous efforts to implement smarter and, first and foremost, safer operations, Dietsmann recently joined the Sprint Robotics Collaborative ( as a participant. The SPRINT Robotics Collaborative is a new, industry-driven initiative that promotes the development, availability and application of robotics techniques in the technical inspection and maintenance of capital-intensive infrastructure.

The need to minimize the industry’s impact on the environment and maximize operational safety makes the use of robotics in the field of petrochemical asset technical inspection and maintenance a vital next step. Robotic inspection may reduce shutdown times and thus the need for human entry into vessels and other equipment. This will reduce both risks and costs.

Since it was launched in 2015 the Collaborative has already been joined by a number of large asset owners in the petrochemical sector including Chevron, Statoil, Shell, Gassco and BASF. Dietsmann will contribute towards achieving the Collaborative’s aims by providing information gained during its nearly 40 years of providing Operation & Maintenance services for continuous-production plant in the oil & gas, power and mining industries. Dietsmann firmly believes that robotic solutions have the potential to make its activities safer and further improve its already ‘Best-in-Class’ performance. Once such smart solutions have been developed and are available at reliable levels Dietsmann intends to implement them to reduce the necessity for its employees to carry out work in hazardous environments.