Dietsmann in Angola is pleased to announce it has been awarded two new five year General Maintenance Contracts (GMCs) for offshore projects aboard TotalEnergies’ Pazflor and CLOV FPSOs (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading vessels). Dietsmann’s good performance has resulted in the Company working continuously on the vessels since their construction in 2010 and 2013 respectively.

In accordance with the scope of work of the contracts Dietsmann will supervise all the preventive and curative maintenance of on-board dynamic equipment, including the equipment related to the mechanical, instrumentation, electrical, HVAC, control and SAFMAR systems.

Dietsmann will also monitor all specific installations, such as turbo generators, turbo compressors and power turbines and oversee all the conditional maintenance, including thermography, oil analysis and vibration. The onshore support Dietsmann will provide includes preparation, contracts, HR management and training.

CLOV I7A8850 – mention © Igor Sachs, TotalEnergies E&P Angola 2014

In addition, the new General Maintenance Contract for Pazflor includes a Maintenance & Robotic Inspection Engineering study that will enable Dietsmann and its partner company, Taurob, to collect and/or create the data required to define operating strategies using their Robot Inspector that will increase TotalEnergies’ productivity and reliability and optimize its maintenance costs.

The scope of work encompasses the provision of:

  • a Robot Inspector maintenance and operation plan,
  • the criteria for optimizing Robot Inspector task planning,
  • SAP (CMMS) compliant databases for managing Robot Inspector tasks,
  • the databases for Robot Inspector control and supervision.

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Cesare Canevese, Dietsmann CEO:
I would like to thank TotalEnergies for continuing to entrust the maintenance on-board Pazflor and CLOV to Dietsmann. These new five-year contracts are an important milestone in the continuous, fruitful collaboration with TEEPA that began eleven years ago.

“Our teams of specialists in the offshore sector have achieved a step forward in the definition of a service plan aimed at a further improvement of the already appreciated performance of site activities in compliance with project requirements.

“Dietsmann, as its long-time partner, is fully committed to supporting TotalEnergies through the energy transition. New technologies and smart maintenance solutions are key elements of Dietsmann’s 4.0 program developed in close collaboration with partner company Taurob. Pazflor is an ideal offshore location in which to integrate all these modern solutions effectively.

“HSEQ is a Dietsmann core value and a top priority at all levels of its organization. While carrying out its tasks related to every aspect of these new contracts Dietsmann will, as always, comply with the most stringent HSE standards and strive to meet, or exceed, all the targets specified during the tender stage.”

Dietsmann has been active in Angola for more than thirty years and TotalEnergies is one of its major long-term clients in West Africa. Today Dietsmann maintains many onshore and offshore production assets operated by TotalEnergies around the world including in Italy, Nigeria, Gabon, the Republic of Congo and Angola.

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