Dietsmann present as expert participant to OPEC workshop on Energy & Information Technology – 17 & 18 september 2019 – Vienna, Austria
Dietsmann’s President & CEO Peter Kütemann, together with Fabien Derouet, Dietsmann Chief Technology Officer, and Duco Drenth, Dietsmann Robotics and AR Technology Advisor, were invited by the OPEC Secretariat in Vienna to share their expertise on future Operation, Maintenance and Inspection Technologies.

Other parties participating to this special event included Siemens, Schlumberger, McKinsey, Gartner, ENI, Equinor, Shell, Sabic, MAPNA Group, and many representatives of OPEC countries like Libya, Kuwait, Iran, UAE, Gabon, Algeria, Equator and Venezuela.

During two days many ‘NewTech’ topics were discussed amongst the wide diversity of delegates, kindly chaired by HE M.S. Barkindo, Secretary General of OPEC. These topics such as ‘Transformational Business models’, ‘Value streams’, ‘Leveraging Assets’, ‘Digital Twins’, ‘The Data Economy’, ‘Electrification’, ‘Resource Supply Chains’, ’Cooperative Ventures’, ‘Change Management’, ‘Asset Performance’ or ‘Augmented Intelligence’, all dealt with the fast-changing horizon of the Oil & Gas sector.

Duco Drenth gave a well-received presentation on “Robotics and Data, the Route to Intelligent & Reliable Operation of Oil & Gas production facilities”. He emphasized the important potential of robot use to act as ‘Data Gatherers’, using so called ‘Internet of Things’ sensor technology and ‘Cloud’ solutions.

The Taurob Ground Robot that Dietsmann is now developing in partnership with Austrian firm Taurob and with Total for use in its’ daily operations was presented as an industry ‘first’.

Representatives of oil producing countries as well as industry delegates learned and exchanged information and experience on the great changes driven by today’s Digital Transition and other ‘NewTech’ that will undoubtedly change the way the industry will operate in the next few years.

Dietsmann is investing in Digital and Robotic Technologies via its two Smart Labs: the Dietsmann Smart Data Lab and the Dietsmann Smart Robotic Lab. By doing so, the Company is ensuring that it is at the forefront of the Operation & Maintenance of Tomorrow.