Dietsmann has been a pioneer of predictive maintenance, a means to save costs and minimize the environmental impact of industrial facilities. Besides investing in Sustainable Maintenance to conventional production plant, Dietsmann is actively expanding into renewable energies; a strategy underlined this week by a sponsorship agreement with MissionH24, a program preparing for the introduction of electric-hydrogen-powered prototypes in the 24-hours race of Le Mans.

Peter Kütemann, founder & CEO of Dietsmann, sees the Le Mans endurance race as the perfect metaphor for the company’s advanced maintenance strategies: “We consider it highly relevant to our role in the energy industry. We are a pioneering company, continuously adapting to the evolution of the energy sector with the ultimate goal to stay in the race, no matter what. The MissionH24 sponsorship for a sustainably powered endurance race car fits that picture perfectly. It is also a logical next step in our long history of motorsport sponsoring, to be actively involved in developing hydrogen as an important clean mobility energy source.”

Jean-Michel Bouresche, MissionH24 Operations Manager, expressed his enthusiasm for this new sponsoring, saying that “as an engineering front runner in the energy sector, Dietsmann is a company that, like us, works to build the world of tomorrow. By joining us, Dietsmann is sending a strong message: together we are working on the energy transition, social and environmental responsibility.”

The MissionH24 sponsorship demonstrates Dietsmann’s consistent leadership and dedication to sustainable maintenance. The company has been a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2011 and integrated the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Criteria in 2020. With its coordination office based in Monaco, Dietsmann also recently joined the Principality’s National Pact for Energy Transition, a program which acts on Monaco’s three main carbon.