Dietsmann RSS

What is a RSS feed ?

RSS, acronym of “Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary”, is becoming established as the new tool for the distribution of real time information. Based on XML code, it creates a block of information called a “feed” which generally contains a summary and link to a site page.

RSS is a simple and straightforward way of receiving information in real time.
Thanks to RSS feeds, it is possible to receive the latest news published on the Dietsmann website.

How to receive a RSS feed ?

If your browser does not support RSS, an “aggregator” can be downloaded on your computer or used through a browser. The aggregator should be selected according to the operating system being used.
Get an RSS Reader – There are various feed readers with different approaches and features.
Google Reader and Bloglines are free and easy to use web based ones.

Please choose the feeds you wish to subscibe to:

To activate the feeds click with the right hand-side button of your mouse on the RSS button of your choice, select “Copy shortcut” and paste the link in the application of your choice.