Dietsmann’s President & CEO, Peter Kütemann, and Sales Director, Adelindo Capperelli, attended the official launch of the book ‘Finta Finta’ at the Expo in Milan on 22 September 2015.

The book, written by Italian journalist Paola Rolletta with a preface by Mozambican writer Joao Paulo Borges Coelho, tells the story of Mozambican soccer through the portrayal of the players and coaches who have contributed towards helping Mozambique achieve international fame since the 1950s.

Finta Finta also pays homage to all the Mozambican players and coaches, both the famous and the unknown dreamers, who are part of soccer’s history and who have played a pivotal role in the history of Mozambique. For Mozambicans Finta Finta means “playing soccer”, in particular the soccer matches played by youngsters on the beach or on small city soccer fields, which is where most of the great players of the past started playing.

The profit from the sales of the book, published by Aviani & Aviani, will go to the “Finta Finta Mabilibili” project, promoted by Time For Africa, and will be used to build an athletics track and field where young people can practice at the Mabibibili Community School in Mozambique’s Matutuine district.

By sponsoring the publication of the book Dietsmann is supporting and contributing towards the development of social life in and international awareness of Mozambique.

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