Safe Lifting Operations

Dietsmann is fully committed to complying with the most stringent health safety and environment (HSEQ) standards. This is why Dietsmann not only applies all the clients’ safety rules on site, but has also formulated its own set of 12 rules that are directly related to the Company’s core business. One of the Dietsmann 12 Safe Maintenance Rules deals with lifting operations.

Why rules for lifting operations?

Our goal is to address the essential issues related to the key risks our employees face during their day-to-day work. Lifting operations can be risky if not carried out properly. Like all the other procedures, instructions and rules that apply to staff assigned to the installations on which Dietsmann’s employees are working the Dietsmann rules for safe lifting operations must be adhered to.

The Dietsmann rules for safe lifting operations

These general rules apply to the crane operator, the banksman and the slinger:
  • Read and ensure you understand the lifting plan
  • Evaluate the load and ensure it is a single block
  • Ensure the lifting area is clear, demarcated and access prohibited
  • Select the lifting equipment as per the lifting plan
  • Carry out a visual inspection of all the selected equipment prior to use
  • Check the lifting equipment is in the correct position and attach it to the load
  • Ensure the lifting angle is correct and protect the lifting slings and chains from sharp edges
  • Check there is proper communications between the team members
  • Check the team members are in the correct positions in the lifting area
  • Put the lifting equipment under tension to test it is safe to start the lift

The complete team must be in the lifting area throughout the lifting operation.
Equipment and organizational measures have been defined for each lifting team member. To ensure safe lifting at all sites specific documentation has been produced for each site.

Work safely for everyone’s safety!