On Saturday February 8, 2020, a bright light shined on the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Kuchingoro as a delegation from the Dietsmann Group led by Anouschka Kütemann came to visit. The IDP camp has a population of approximately 1,722 people mostly made up of women and children.
Most of these people have been displaced from southern Borno in the North East of Nigeria by the Boko Haram insurgency.

NetcoDietsmann in partnership with a charity, Foundation of Positive Social Wellbeing (FPSW), donated sanitary items to help alleviate the suffering of the people in the camp.

During the tour, the Director of FPSW, Dr. Ulunma Njemanze, and the Coordinator of the Camp, Mr. Eunuch, showed the visitors the amenities they have in the camp.

Mr. Eunuch who himself lost his father to the Bokom Haram menace was inspired to help change the upcoming generation’s mindset through education and innovation. In his opinion this is the best way to combat terrorism and hate.

The camp facilities include an under-equipped sickbay, a small pharmacy and a primary school.

Anouschka Kütemann accompanied by her father Mr. Peter Kütemann had the opportunity to hear firsthand from women victims of the insurgency their experiences and quest for rehabilitation and integration in society. Thanks to interventions of some charity organizations, some women were trained to make clothes and jewelry. Mr. Kütemann supported the women by buying some of their handmade clothes and jewelry.

The camp is currently self-funded, gets no government grants, and survives solely on charitable patronage.

Mr. Eunuch expressed his appreciation to NetcoDietsmann for its donation and prayed for greater collaboration in the future. Dr. Njemanze joined him in his praise of NetcoDietsmann and of Anouschka in particular for her initiative to help the needy and underprivileged around the world. Other NetcoDietsmann and Dietsmann personnel who accompanied Anouschka Kütemann on the tour was Mr. Massimo Troiani – Country Manager (NetcoDietsmann), Mr. Hayatudeen Mustapha – Executive Director, Operations (NetcoDietsmann), Mr. Enrico Chiti – Regional Director (Dietsmann), Mr. Michael Muagba – Human Resources Manager (NetcoDietsmann) and Sokari David-West, Local Content Compliance Officer (NetcoDietsmann).