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Dietsmann Technologies is an operating company of the Dietsmann Group, the leading independent specialist in Operation & Maintenance services for continuous-production plant in the oil & gas, power and mining industries.

Dietsmann Technologies provides a wide range of electrical & instrumentation engineering and construction services, principally within the oil, gas and power generation sectors. In addition to providing essential support services for Dietsmann’s operation and maintenance projects around the world, our clients include international and national oil companies, major engineering, procurement and construction contractors and Dietsmann Group joint venture partners.

Headquartered in a 24,000m2 engineering and construction facility in Salies du Salat, in southwestern France, we work closely with Dietsmann’s maintenance engineering and inspection team in nearby Toulouse. Dietsmann Technologies also has permanent satellite facilities in Gabon, Congo and Angola, where we work on substantial ongoing projects with our oil company clients and contractor partners. Our engineers and technicians are ready to be mobilized for turnkey projects anywhere in the world.

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Electrical & instrumentation engineering services

Our electrical and instrumentation engineering services include the design, construction and testing of electrical switchboards, marshalling cabinets, control cabinets and industrial process automation systems to the on-site construction of electrical and instrumentation facilities, to end-to-end testing, calibration and adjustment, commissioning and technical assistance to operation and maintenance staff.

Industrial process automation services

PLC Programming:
Functional studies, programming (ABB, Siemens, Quantum, Telemecanique, Allen Bradley), site installation and test, pre-commissioning and commissioning.

HVAC and pressurization services

The HVAC and pressurization services we provide include custom-designed and built industrial air conditioning and climate control systems.

Our client projects typically begin with the definition of technical specifications, detailed drafting and studies of air handling, ducting and pressurization networks and chilled water networks.

Construction in our workshops in Salies du Salat often includes the integration and installation of climate control and pressurization systems in our specialized, custom-designed and constructed technical shelters. Systems may include reverse air units, chilled water recycling and direct expansion units, refrigeration units with rooftop anti-deflagration systems, adapted to various climate zones.

We also construct complete climate control facilities on site, including the assembly and mounting of air handling units, ducting and pressurization network systems, chilled water network systems, end-to-end testing, commissioning, technical assistance and training of production and maintenance staff.

Design, engineering and construction of technical shelters

Technical shelters designed, engineered and constructed by Dietsmann Technologies can be found in onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration and production sites, downstream refineries, power plants and other industrial sites all over the world.

As they are usually custom-designed and constructed on a turnkey basis to meet the specific needs of clients, a variety of applications and to deal with a wide range of climatic and other challenges, the type, size, function, equipment and fittings of these shelters vary enormously.

Especially given the often-extreme operating environment of the oil and gas production sites for which they are built – from platforms in rough seas, through hot, arid deserts and tropical humidity to frozen arctic tundra – they very often are fitted with our own HVAC systems. They are often designed and built to withstand risks of fire, explosion, toxic and noxious gases, dust and moisture.

Our technical shelters are usually constructed in our factory in Salies du Salat and shipped to the client site, where our engineers can also assist with on-site installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up. Many are used as on-site accommodation to house our industrial process automation control systems, electrical system marshalling cabinets and instrumentation facilities. Others are used as site offices, onshore and offshore living quarters, laboratories, power distribution shelters, shelters for telephone and other communications systems, workshops, cloakrooms and showers, etc. Some are fixed to trailers for mobility as required.

Procurement of spare parts, components and materials

Dietsmann Technologies’ international trade department services the spare parts, machinery, equipment, components and materials procurement and repair requirements of the Dietsmann Group, major international and national oil and gas companies, power plant owners and operators and EPC contractors.

Our team of specialists provides advice to our clients, manages the tender process of their behalf, negotiates and procures parts and materials from manufacturers and vendors at the best possible price and ensures requirements are delivered speedily to the client’s site.

We check the spare parts, components and other material supplied, assemble requirements in our warehousing facilities in Salies du Salat, and manage the logistics of secure shipment to required sites around the world. In our workshops in France and in the field, we also repair and recondition components such as turbo compressors, regulators, jet pumps, injectors and diesel engines.


We would be glad to provide you with a detailed list of current and past reference projects on which we have worked and oil companies and contractors with whom we have partnered.

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