Maintenance Engineering & Inspection Services

Maintenance is a complex task that involves expertly analysing the requirements, engineering the maintenance, planning, inspecting and finally managing the overall activity. Maintenance Engineering & Inspection is at the heart of this activity.

Optimized activities based on best practices

Maintenance Engineering usually starts during the engineering, procurement and construction phase of a new plant, when we work hand in hand with asset owners to integrate their operational backgrounds, their specific knowledge of the installations and the geographical context. We then define optimized Maintenance Engineering & Inspection activities based on best practices derived from our extensive plant Operation & Maintenance experience.


The first step is to break the plant equipment down into maintenance items and to draw up a list of spare parts. All this information is fed into OPERIOM, our unique proprietary analytic equipment database application. OPERIOM contains all the key maintenance information and history of over 10,000 different pieces of equipment, and can be consulted online by any of our maintenance specialists, whenever they need to, and wherever they are in the world.


Accurate, continuous monitoring of various parameters is essential to meet Key Performance Indicators and the client’s expectations. To achieve this, and to assist our people on site, we have designed and developed a dedicated tool for managing the operating technical parameters of all equipment deemed vital and critical for an installation. The key benefit of this tool is that it encapsulates all the experience Dietsmann has accumulated working on many different sites and enables the evolution of our performance to be monitored. OPTIOM users can generate technical reports and have direct access to information, such as the results of maintenance technical indicators, the availability and efficiency of equipment and major events. OPTIOM is crucial for monitoring activities, accessing technical information and establishing a shared-knowledge database for all the Group’s employees.

Optimum transfer of know-how

Our Maintenance Engineering & Inspection services include documentation management, maintainability and inspectability studies, the definition of and recommendations for spare parts and tools, procurement, warehousing and maintenance & inspection plans and procedures. Our clients also benefit from having a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) defined and implemented for the start-up and updated during the life cycle of the plant. Using the same partner for Maintenance Engineering & Inspection and Operation & Maintenance services guarantees the optimum transfer of know-how and a smooth transition to the operational phase.