Power Plant Operation & Maintenance Services

Dietsmann’s reputation is based on the global operation and maintenance services we have been providing to owners and operators of upstream oil and gas production facilities for more than thirty five years.

These facilities typically include power generation installations of various types and sizes for international power generating companies, Independent Power Plant (IPP) operators and national and international oil companies that we also maintain as a part of these contracts. It has, therefore, been a natural extension of our business to provide Operation and Maintenance services directly to independent power plant owners and the power utility market.

Project-specific solutions

Our project-specific solutions for power plant owners range from full performance based total Operation and Maintenance to reduced scope services such as Maintenance Engineering and the mobilization of new project operations, including the provision of the technical specialists, tools and processes for the facility. The technologies covered by Dietsmann’s services include conventional fuelled power plants, using both gas and coal Steam Turbines, as well as Combined Cycle Gas Turbine plants.

Our contract offerings

Dietsmann offers a range of contract possibilities for key power generation facilities associated with various levels of service. The most comprehensive service level involves the provision of Integrated Operation & Maintenance services, which means carrying out a tailor-made A-Z approach for the prospective clients.

Dietsmann has been providing under such contracts services for key power generation facilities since early 2006 in West Africa and more recently in North Africa, the Caspian Sea Region and Russia. We operate and maintain both Independent Power Plants and power plants owned by utilities companies.
In addition to these broad service offerings, Dietsmann provides a range of more specific services to meet the needs of clients. In total we maintain more than 12 Gigawatts of both gas and steam turbine-driven power units worldwide.