Maintenance Services for Nuclear Power Plants

For over 40 years Dietsmann has provided global maintenance services to the oil & gas and energy industries and major international and national companies have entrusted Dietsmann with the maintenance of their production facilities.
The Company’s area of maintenance expertise includes not only upstream oil & gas production facilities, conventional power generation plants and mining installations, but also nuclear power plants.

In the nuclear sector, Dietsmann positions itself as a Technical Support Organization, providing Integrated Maintenance services throughout the life cycle of the nuclear power plant, from the preparatory phase to decommissioning.

Our Services for Any Stage of the Life Cycle of a Nuclear Power Plant

  • Program planning, mobilization of organizations and national infrastructure
  • Participation in preparation of the site and the assembly of equipment
  • Project scope, bid, negotiations, contract, design
  • Participation in preparation of the site and the assembly of equipment
  • Activities related to Round-one sector equipment and Ventilation & Air Heating systems equipment
  • Activities related to Round-two sector equipment (suspension systems, flange joints, the production and installation of various types of service platforms; equipment for the nuclear fuel cycle and bypass lines)
  • Activities related to the Maintenance of the Block Equipment sector
  • Activities related to the Fire Protection Systems sector
  • Activities related to the Electric Power Equipment sector (repairs of reactor-precipitators, mechanical sand filters, replacement of valves and pipelines, pipe passages, mufflers, stoppers and other types of fitting)
  • Construction of facilities for the treatment of low and intermediate radioactive waste, and plasma treatment plant in connection with the decommissioning of nonoperational units


The Dietsmann Group has several references in the European nuclear power generation sector. Bulgaria: in 2017 DietsmannEnergoremont was formed after Dietsmann acquired 97.5% of the shares of Energoremont Holding JSC – the largest maintenance company in Bulgaria with over 40 years of experience in the nuclear and conventional power sector in the Balkan Peninsula and Eastern Europe. France: Dietsmann has been working on ITER since 2018. ITER is one of the most important energy projects of our time.