Research & Development

The Dietsmann Qualification College in Boussens, France, provides customized training and qualification programs in a 1,000 m² training area, equipped with all the relevant maintenance instruction materials plus a dedicated, fully-equipped metrology simulation/instruction room. Special robotics technology experimentation and testing facilities have also been created in the College.

Dietsmann is a global front runner in Advanced Predictive Maintenance for the energy & mining industry. Serving some of the world’s leading energy and mining companies in the world, the company sees Robotics and Big Data as crucial instruments in optimizing production, safety and reducing emissions in the environment. Therefore, Dietsmann invests substantial amounts in Research and Development for the digitalization of maintenance to lead the way towards the SMART Operation & Maintenance of tomorrow, through its 100%-owned R&D development subsidiaries, the Dietsmann Smart Robotics Lab and Dietsmann Smart Data Lab, based in Boussens in the South-West of France.

The Dietsmann Smart Robotics Lab develops together with its affiliate Taurob Robotics GmbH of Austria the first ATEX-certified intelligent robot with an intuitive control system and multipurpose interfaces for quick and easy add-on integration. That is seen as the near future replacement of human inspection and maintenance missions especially in remote and hazardous energy production locations. Taking men out of harm’s way, while performing round the clock robotics applications for operational, maintenance and inspection tasks, are the main drivers explaining why Dietsmann believes in the adoption of robotics in the Oil & Gas industry.”
The Dietsmann Smart Data Lab (DSDL) focus on implementing Big Data analytics, on the enormous volume of data generated every second by machinery and sensors, which is growing at an exponential rate (i.e. generators, compressors, motors, pumps, heating and ventilation systems), on the installations that Dietsmann maintains.
The timely initiative of Dietsmann utilizes innovative Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning techniques, and Cloud Computing, for SMART Predictive Maintenance and preventing machine failures, based on real-time evaluation and monitoring of data generated via smart sensor technology.

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