Robotics Experimentation

The Dietsmann Qualification College in Boussens, France, provides customized training and qualification programs in a 1,000 m² training area, equipped with all the relevant maintenance instruction materials plus a dedicated, fully-equipped metrology simulation/instruction room. Special robotics technology experimentation and testing facilities have also been created in the College.

Within the foreseeable future the tasks for which robots may be used in the industrial and petrochemical sector may include Non-Destructive Testing during regular inspections of pressure vessels, storage tanks and larger diameter piping, and the cleaning of equipment at less-accessible locations.

As robots can be controlled remotely and manoeuvre ‘independently’, they may be used to perform various tasks on unmanned platforms or in specific circumstances. Robotics applications also include the use of drones for inspecting larger vessels and heat exchangers, flare systems and piping. These developments will be instrumental in enabling the oil & gas industry to work more efficiently and effectively.

The application of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is also increasing in the industry. New AR and VR training tools enable the required quality level to be achieved in safe conditions, which is a great benefit to Health, Safety, Social, Security, Environment and Quality (HSEQ). They are also prime examples of technology that supports changes in the day-to-day working environment and, in particular, in staff training.

Besides experimenting with robotics and other technologies, the Dietsmann Qualification College facilities also enable technicians to acquire the competencies and qualifications required for these technological developments.