Dietsmann Group company Taurob takes gas leak detection to the next level: introducing the Gasfinder, the world’s first specialized gas leak detection robot.

The Taurob Gasfinder uses thermography, high-precision gas detecting sensors and intelligent software for monitoring duties on industrial production plant. Its groundbreaking capabilities enable it to detect gas leaks early and to apply corrective measures and maintenance efforts to reduce emissions. 85% of methane emissions on offshore platforms stem from small leaks that are imperceptible to humans; methane is much more harmful to the environment than CO2.

Based on the expertise of Dietsmann, the Taurob Gasfinder can locate and quantify emissions from oil and gas operations, track deterioration over time on autonomous missions and prioritize and suggest repair and maintenance actions. It has a flexible API that connects directly to clients’ or third-party analytics software.

Like the existing Taurob robots, the Inspector and the Operator, the Gasfinder also conforms to ATEX and IP67 standards and is manageable via EasyMission and Fleet Management property software.