From left to right: Prof. Doc. Hossein Hassani, Data Analysis Project Leader for Dietsmann and our four new students Meron, Mohammad (on the screen), Sharim and Younes.

The Young Dietsmann Academy is pleased to welcome four new students.

They will be studying, during the course of their internship, predictive maintenance and its particular application and usage in the energy industry.

These four students will be engaged in statistical programming. They will be trained to know how we can use and analyze various data sets to create a predictive tool that will enable our clients to predict any types of variations and failures before it happens.

This internship is trying to create a joint project so that the interns can work together as a team in order to improve and also evaluate their flexibility during a challenging time. We expect, at the end of the internship, the students to have a new approach of predictive maintenance in the energy industry and also to build a basic model for failure detection.

The future of maintenance is close and at Dietsmann we are empowering future generations to think ahead.


The aim of the Young Dietsmann Academy is to attract young bright people into our group and integrate them into our support services, such as IT, Digitalization, Communication, HSE, HR…

Diversity is an important keystone for Dietsmann as a group, and the YDA should reflect that.

Our goal is for students from all over the world to work with our support services on one main subject that is the future of energy, and so forth the future of our company.

We encourage young women and men to join and combine their new ideas and knowledge with our experienced employees.

Dietsmann is looking forward to welcoming more international young students to energize the Group.