Dietsmann is inspired by and committed to upholding the principles of integrity, respect, loyalty, efficiency and transparency. The dedication and professionalism of its employees reflect the Company’s values and are the decisive factor in ensuring Dietsmann’s continued success.

Our values are encapsulated by our commitments to our stakeholders:

We commit to our clients that we will:

  • Always listen to and learn from them
  • Tailor our services to their specific requirements
  • Offer effective industrial Operation & Maintenance solutions
  • Employ state-of-the-art, but field-tested, technology and cutting-edge working practices
  • Continuously improve in everything we do
  • Meet or exceed their expectations under optimal cost/benefit conditions
  • Be truthful in all advertising and communications

We commit to our employees that we will:

  • Provide a safe and rewarding working environment
  • Ensure equal opportunity
  • Foster an atmosphere of teamwork and mutual respect
  • Motivate, empower and foster creativity and innovation
  • Facilitate and manage local and international career opportunities

We commit to society at large that we will:

  • Strictly apply the highest ethical standards
  • Respect and care for the environment
  • Strive to be a good corporate citizen