Dietsmann takes its responsibilities as an employer very seriously. Its culture stresses dedication, pride and respect and Dietsmann is very committed to training and development.
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Dietsmann is a substantial employer in the countries in which it is active and the Company takes its responsibilities as an employer very seriously. The Dietsmann culture stresses dedication, pride and respect and the Company is very committed to training and development.

Maximizing local employment

We have been present in Nigeria, Angola, the Republic of Congo and Gabon for more than 25 years, and we are proud to work with thousands of highly motivated and well-trained local staff, some of whom have been promoted to senior management positions. In our operations in Kazakhstan. we are close to 100% local employment in our maintenance organization.


Dietsmann is the leading independent specialist in Operation & Maintenance services for continuous-production plant in the oil & gas, conventional and nuclear power generation and mining industries with over 40 years of accumulated know-how of plant and equipment. Major international energy companies entrust Dietsmann with the O&M and Maintenance Engineering & Inspection of their production facilities.

By acting as an independent expert interface between its clients and OEMs Dietsmann enables maintenance to be efficient, coordinated and managed. Dietsmann’s Career Centre’s objectives are to bring together an international pool of specialized and qualified personnel for our customers and to promote the Dietsmann Group as a preferred employer in the international recruitment market place.

Within our organization the recruitment of personnel for all contracts is coordinated by Dietsmann’s International Coordination Centre in Monaco and supported by the senior management of our offices worldwide. To further assist us in the selection of personnel from developing countries we have long-standing agreements with accredited recruitment agencies in India, the Philippines, South Africa, and Romania. Through our personnel database we have access to several thousands of continuously-updated curricula vitae and we encourage applicants who wish to pursue a profitable long-term employment to speak to us.

In support of Dietsmann’s Career Development our policy is to involve Dietsmann employees actively in up-and-coming new projects. To enhance the skills and knowledge of our employees so they can perform their work within a safe working environment and to maintain our high standards of service to our clients we organize specialized training programs.