Dietsmann is honored to announce having been awarded in Kazakhstan for achieving the “Best HSE Performance Among Operations Contractors for the Fourth Quarter in 2022.”

Our dedication to the highest Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ) standards is a top concern for us given that we work in the energy industry and must deal with different challenges in many of the sites we are required to operate.

Every Dietsmann employee actively contributes to improving HSEQ standards. Our exceptional Quality Culture Program is integrated with our rigorous HSEQ regulations, which protect the health and safety of our employees while also protecting the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of our clients’ operations.

Our HSEQ management is always making improvements to its procedures. All Dietsmann employees follow the company’s HSEQ regulations and take part in their continual improvement by: 

  • Taking all essential precautions.
  • Reporting any accidents, incidents, or close calls that were observed.
  • Contributing to the risk identification and evaluation process.
  • Attending HSEQ training sessions.

As a result of our hard work in maintaining these regulations, our team in Kazakhstan has had the pleasure of receiving this honor and celebrating four prizes that Dietsmann KPO- Kazakhstan has been granted for the year 2022. These awards are:

  • The Best HSE Cards in June/2022 – Categories “Hazard / Unsafe Condition / Health / Ergonomics” and “Suggestion / Utilities”.
  • Appreciations Letters by Deputy General Director, Maintenance Manager, and KPC Manager for outstanding performance during Turnaround of September 2022.
  • “Exemplary” evaluation of Customer Satisfaction Survey for all 4 quarters/2022.
  • Special Congratulations from Dietsmann CEO Cesare Canevese for The Best HSE Performance Q4 2022 and Customer Satisfaction Survey for Q3.