The Dietsmann Story so Far

The beginnings

Peter Kütemann founded Dietsmann in the Netherlands in 1977. His enterprise started as a technical assistance company serving the oil and gas companies in the Netherlands that were about to produce their first gas discoveries off the Dutch coast. At that time these companies employed full-time technical personnel for operation and maintenance services. Only in exceptional cases was highly specialized work subcontracted.

Oil companies recognize the value of outsourcing

Oil companies gradually realized that outsourcing would enable them to be more flexible and operate more cost effectively. An increasing number of functions, not considered business critical, were outsourced. Peter Kütemann was the first to create an adequate and competent proposition for outsourcing maintenance without losing control of one’s assets.

1980s – rapid international growth

Dietsmann grew rapidly and opened its first international office in Aberdeen early in 1982. Later that year Dietsmann France S.A. was established to focus on the Francophone markets. In 1987 Sudmarine in Marseilles was acquired. This company had a substantial mechanical maintenance business and a well-established French spare parts procurement capability.

In 1989 Dietsmann acquired Setram in the southwest of France, which had strong capabilities in the electrical and instrumentation fields and a well-established contract base with the French oil industry. Their branches in Gabon and Congo further strengthened Dietsmann’s African presence. The mechanical, electrical and instrumentation capabilities in these countries were merged to create the world’s first multidisciplinary maintenance service company in this sector. This new concept proved advantageous in securing Dietsmann’s first integrated operation and maintenance contract, awarded by Elf.

1990s – Integrated O&M concept introduced

Following this success Dietsmann formalized the concept, and the company’s Integrated Operation & Maintenance (IOM) became yet another innovation in maintenance contracting. Its ‘shared objectives’ contracting format allowed Dietsmann’s clients to virtually exit day-to-day maintenance operations while remaining in control of the performance of their assets.

In 1996 Comerint was acquired from Italy’s ENI Group. It had a new but complementary range of products, markets and clients. Comerint, as Snamprogetti’s main operations service company, was firmly established on the Italian industrial scene. With its focus on services to the refining and petrochemical industry and specialized services in the fields of training and technology transfer, technical assistance and operation and management systems, Comerint strengthened the Company with new regional establishments in Nigeria, Libya and Saudi Arabia.

Dietsmann today

Since it was established 40 years ago Dietsmann’s unrelenting focus on its core activities and on the quality of its services has resulted in it becoming the largest independent company specializing in Operation & Maintenance services for continuous-production plant in the oil & gas, conventional & nuclear power generation and mining industries. Dietsmann is well positioned to maintain its leading position thanks to its unmatched base of satisfied clients, its experience and expertise and its optimal employment of local resources. This combination ensures the provision of world-class plant Operation & Maintenance plus, at the same time, the creation of good employee relations and local development.
Dietsmann not only serves many international and national energy companies worldwide, it also operates and maintains production plants in the oil & gas, power and mining industries. In total, Dietsmann maintains power plants with a combined installed capacity of over 12 Gigawatts of both gas and steam turbine-driven power units.
Dietsmann currently employs more than 6,000 people and has a local presence in more countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America than any of its competitors.

Dietsmann is independent, privately held, and has no plans to change this. Dietsmann is not affiliated with any manufacturer or construction engineering firm and, unlike some other providers of “independent” maintenance services, does not use its services as an outpost for selling spare parts or upgrades.
After two consecutive years of revenue above EUR 400 million (2013: EUR 414.1 million; 2014: EUR 424.6 million), in 2015 Dietsmann’s total revenue decreased by 15% to EUR 361.1 million. This drop in revenue was due to the pressure on prices in the oil & gas industry resulting from the substantially lower oil barrel price.

Three things set Dietsmann apart from its competitors. First, Dietsmann’s reputation of being THE reference in oil & gas, conventional & nuclear power generation and mining plant maintenance.
Secondly, and probably more important in these challenging times, Dietsmann is not carrying any debt on its balance sheet and, as a result, its stability and continuity is not challenged. Thirdly, and most important of all, Dietsmann has always and will always put its clients and their objectives first, but will never compromise the safety of people and the environment or the quality of its services.