Environment & Sustainable Development

The Operation & Maintenance activities Dietsmann carries out for clients are always conducted in the most environmentally sustainable manner possible in order to prevent damage to local ecosystems. Dietsmann has never received a Notice of Violation related to environmental issues, nor any monetary or other sanction for non-compliance.

All of our offices have active, ongoing recycling programs and, in many cases, give recycled materials to their communities. Sustainable development that contributes towards economic growth, ecological equilibrium and social progress is at the core of Dietsmann’s sustainability policy. Commitment to sustainable development has always been part of our culture. As a group we strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients and society at large: outcomes that support the needs of today’s world while protecting the resources of future generations.

Reducing our carbon footprint

For many years Dietsmann has invested and researched in technologies with the aim to reduce the environmental footprint of energy production and facilitate substantial reductions in emissions. Environmental concerns have been in our DNA since its inception in1977.

Naturally, Dietsmann is fully committed to the Paris Agreement and has deployed an ambitious Net Zero strategy to achieve zero GHG emissions by 2040 on scope 1 & 2 and, by 2050 on scope 3. Dietsmann actively participates in international initiatives such as the Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations Global Compact since 2011, in the Monaco National Pact for Energy Transition and, more recently, joined as supporter the Aiming for Zero Methane Emissions Initiative.

Towards this end a carbon footprint assessment is conducted on yearly basis among all Dietsmann subsidiaries. The results serve as a basis for improving our reduction actions.

Dietsmann is committed to ensure continuous operations with a limited environmental impact