Maintenance 4.0

Dietsmann is a global front-runner in developing, testing and applying New Technologies into its day-to-day operations in the energy industry. Therefore, it invests substantial amounts in Research and Development for the digitalization of maintenance to lead the way towards the SMART Operation & Maintenance of tomorrow focusing on Robotics and Digitalization & Data Analytics.

The main goals of assessing and promoting such ‘New Technologies’ are:

  • To create / anticipate interests of our (potential) clients
  • To increase HSE standards by reducing human risk
  • To increase quality and efficiency of our operations
  • To diversify our perimeter of business
  • To reduce clients’ Maintenance & Operation costs


With our affi­liate Taurob Services and partner Taurob Technologies, Dietsmann works to make the Taurob ATEX-approved Inspection & Maintenance Robot aka ‘The Inspector’ economically viable for Inspection & Maintenance tasks in the energy and (petro-)chemical industry.
The end goal is the robot’s successful validation for operational use within 2 to 3 years.


Dietsmann Smart Labs is the Dietsmann Group New Technology entity dedicated to identify, develop and test technologies that are then directly used on our customers’ sites. The areas it works in are Maintenance Engineering, Process Digitalization, Remote Support, 3D Model, Failure Prediction and Task Robotization.