Human Resources

The three main objectives of Dietsmann’s human resource management policy are:

  • the development of the attractiveness of Dietsmann to candidates with high potential
  • strengthening the loyalty of the company’s employees
  • improving the performance of the company’s teams

These continuing objectives guide the company’s actions to further strengthen the asset that has made it successful: Dietsmann’s human capital.

Group HR Organization

Group-wide in-house staff management software makes it possible to perform multiple HR tasks. It helps Dietsmann to harmonize its practices and procedures, strengthening the backbone of the organization.

Career Development

Internal promotion is the basic principle of career development at Dietsmann.

The nationalization of expatriate positions is also a priority in terms of career management. Over 90% of on-site office positions, over 75% of operational staff positions and over 60% of management positions are typically filled by nationals of the countries in which Dietsmann operates. The company’s efforts will focus on these last two categories in the years ahead. Dietsmann’s HR policy is reflected in the proportion of national employees across the Group overall, which is typically over 75%.

The company’s KMP project prepares key managers needed by Dietsmann for its future development.


The TACT (Technical Assessment Campaign and Training) and KMP (Key Manager Path) programmes enable Dietsmann to maintain the excellent performance of its teams, both technically and with regard to safety. TACT aims to align the skills of national staff with the technical requirements of their positions.