Notwithstanding Dietsmann N.V., the holding company of the Dietsmann Group, is a privately held company with its registered office in Breda, the Netherlands, Dietsmann adheres to European Union Corporate Government and Transparency regulations.

Its audited Annual Reports as well as its Corporate Structure and Regulations are published on the company website. Since the inception of the company in 1977, the founder and his partner have remained their participating interest. There is no intention to change the ‘private’ nature of the company. Dietsmann is not an affiliate of any industrial or financial group, equipment manufacturer, construction group or engineering firm.

This independence, combined with the consistent focus on its core business of plant maintenance and operation services to the oil & gas, LNG and power utilities industry for the past 40 years, as well as its loyal dedication to its clients, make Dietsmann the most reliable maintenance partner for any capital plant owner/operator.

Dietsmann has never been focused on short-term gains. It takes years to develop solid understanding and know-how. It takes years of experience to know best where and how to apply the most effective operation and maintenance methods. Our culture is one of stability and continuity. No fancy promises, but reliable delivery of results to its customers, year after year. It is how we have worked for the last 40 years and it will be how we will continue to work for the next 40 years.