Our approach

Investing in maintenance means investing in the future.
Dietsmann consistently focuses on its core business and aims to be the lifetime trusted maintenance partner of plant owners and operators, rather than just ‘a contractor’.
Our Operation & Maintenance services contracts represent mutually beneficial long-term partnerships. We share the economic risks of the production process through instituting incentive schemes that makes optimization, cost and availability a mutual business opportunity.

We typically establish an integrated project team of both Dietsmann and client personnel. To further align mutual objectives we agree a comprehensive range of key performance indicators, including production, reliability and availability, cost reduction and quality, health, safety and environment management. By maintaining our focus on stability, continuity and reliability we have been able to deliver unrivalled results to our partners, year after year.

What makes us unique

Specialized and independent

Few other companies are specialized in the integrated Operation & Maintenance of upstream oil & gas production and other continuous-production plant in the energy industries. Dietsmann is entirely focused on the maintenance of such facilities and how this maintenance can be continually improved.

Consolidating, coordinating and managing all maintenance activities

Most plants include equipment, such as gas turbines, compressors and instrumentation, produced by many different manufacturers. Rather than contracting each of these individual manufacturers to maintain and repair its own equipment, clients entrust the overall coordination and management to Dietsmann, which acts as an independent expert interface with all the Original Equipment Manufacturers on their behalf.

An independent expert interface

Dietsmann is an independent company that does not manufacture spare parts or equipment and represents only the interests of its clients. This is why we are often asked to provide independent advice on maintenance issues or carry out maintenance audits. Clients for these services include plant owners, plant operators and, because they too share an interest in ensuring effective and reliable long-term maintenance and asset integrity, organizations that provide financing or insurance cover for plants.