Dietsmann’s key service to clients is its O&M:

Operation & Maintenance

Maintenance is an essential tool to optimize production without compromising operating safety. Dietsmann not only strives to fully master the technology of maintenance, but also to integrate it seamlessly into the designated production objectives. That is why, in 1986, Dietsmann was the first to name this philosophy ‘Operation & Maintenance’.

This powerful concept of integrated Operation & Maintenance (IOM) services is the result of:

  • Dietsmann being the first company to recognize the need to offer integrated Operation & Maintenance services to the energy-related industry sector.
  • Dietsmann being the first company to develop these services into a comprehensive, cost-effective service package.
  • Dietsmann being the first company to successfully implement the IOM concept and services and to establish a track record in this field.
  • Dietsmann recognizing the need for other industry sectors to take advantage of its IOM concept and to outsource these tasks.

IOM is a comprehensive, full-service package that allows asset owners to fully or partly outsource the Operation & Maintenance of their assets, without compromising operating safety or losing control of their assets, even –and particularly– in the world’s most challenging environments.