Message from the President

Maintenance for sustainable energy production

The world needs energy. Global energy demand will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. All forms of energy – conventional such as hydrocarbons or nuclear as well as non-conventional such as wind and solar – will be needed to meet future energy demands.

During the more than 40 years since Dietsmann was founded we have gained unmatched experience with optimizing both brown field and green field assets and built-up a vast and unique analytical database of equipment history. This experience and knowledge, combined with the utilization of advanced digital technologies, enables Dietsmann to ensure energy production assets are operated and maintained in the most efficient and environmentally-responsible manner and at the industry’s lowest maintenance cost per energy unit produced.

In 2017 Dietsmann, as the market and technology leader, maintained onshore and offshore oil & gas production installations, LNG plants and conventional, non-conventional and nuclear power plants in 16 countries and producing a total of nearly 2.5 mbd of oil, 10 bcf/d of gas, and 15 GW of electricity.

Mandatory requirement

Sustainable maintenance efficiency for the energy industry is a mandatory requirement for environmentally-responsible and safe operations. History has taught that nearly all incidents resulting in human suffering, environmental damage and destruction of assets could have been avoided with professional, effective maintenance. Dietsmann has one of the best safety records in the industry and is determined to maintain its best-in-industry performance.

The bottom line of maintenance is that it ultimately leads to higher plant availability and increased production. Having real-time access to our equipment history database and our advanced AI and VR technology means our highly trained engineers and technicians can deliver better results: Results that lead to fewer interventions, longer life-cycles and optimized spare part stocks through predictive maintenance technology and optimized planning. We believe this is the best operational and environmental practice an asset owner or operator can wish for. To talk to us about the maintenance of your energy assets contact your Dietsmann representative in Monaco or Toulouse or any of our subsidiaries.

Peter Kütemann
Founder & President