Information & Communication Technology Policy

Information systems and applications play a critical role in Dietsmann’s business activities. In view of Dietsmann’s global presence and decentralization, it is important that common rules and policies are applied Company-wide.
Best practices and other useful information regarding security and confidentiality protection are shared.

Our exclusive analytical equipment data base represents a decisive asset for efficiency and competitiveness in our specific sector. The aim is, therefore, to enable all Dietsmann servers to be managed remotely by creating a virtual system across all the countries in which the Company operates. A unified domain and clustered email solution allows all branches to be linked to the central data center.
Dietsmann’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) operations follow standardized Corporate processes and are consistent with its Business Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy. This ensures our information and communication assets are used and safeguarded appropriately.

Dietsmann’s ICT Policy is based on common principles which are applied Company-wide:

  • Compliance with all relevant copyright and license regulations;
  • Continuous updating of hardware and software with the most efficient technologies and processes;
  • A focus on sharing know-how and effective knowledge management through Corporate ICT solutions;
  • The development of instant messaging and audio and video conferencing services at all sites;
  • Offering reliable and efficient ICT support to internal data base users;
  • Ensuring information security and confidentiality for business partners and employees;
  • The protection of ICT material through restricted access and ICT data through network restricted access, regular backups and continuous virus screening;
  • Providing a homogeneous framework for users and ensure rules are understood;
  • Prohibiting any software downloading without the prior approval of the IT Management Desk;
  • Forbidding and preventing any unauthorized communications with the public in the Company’s name;
  • Encouraging users to reduce their printing and to switch off hardware in order to reduce paper and electrical consumption.

Monitoring and logging all internet activity to ensure all usage is for a professional reason and is appropriate in terms of the Business Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy and Dietsmann’s overall commitments.