Dietsmann is a global front-runner in Advanced Predictive Maintenance, investing in the digitalisation of its core business to lead the way towards smart Operation & Maintenance. Two dedicated start-up companies, Dietsmann Smart Robotics Lab and Dietsmann Smart Data Lab were created, as we see Robotics and Big Data as crucial instruments in optimizing production, safety and reducing emissions in the environment.

The Dietsmann Smart Robotics Lab (DSRL) concentrates on the development, validation and exploitation of remotely operated and autonomous robots and associated developments such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mobile Solutions for the Operation, Inspection and Maintenance of (heavy) industrial activities at continuous production facilities.

Using robotic solutions on the installations that Dietsmann maintains reinforces our Company’s continuous strive for excellent performance, both in HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, Quality) and bottom-line costs.

Dietsmann plans to invest in underlying technologies and to co-participate in research & development projects to emphasize its efforts in that respect. It will do this in close conjunction with its clients, long-term industrial partners and selected institutes of technologies. The development, field-testing and integration of associated technologies in Dietsmann’s day-to-day operations will be a key in achieving these goals.