10 golden rules for hand care

The Dietsmann Safety Campaign was all about hand care. During this year all Dietsmann employees were informed about manual handling dangers and what they can do to protect their hands and avoid injuries. The campaign explained safe manual handling practices and showed how to improve working methods, avoid risks and prevent accidents involving hands.

Every month a different theme was introduced and discussed

All the themes were brought together on a poster.
The monthly themes are listed below.

Portable working tools

  • Use the right tool for every task and never use a tool for any task for which it was not designed
  • When handing somebody a tool always present it handle first
  • Never use a cutting tool towards the direction of your hands
  • Never catch a falling cutting edged tool or heavy work tool

Chemical or thermal burns

  • Wear appropriate gloves when dealing with chemicals
  • Avoid skin contact with greasy and oily products
  • Heat and cold can cause burns to your hands: wear protective gloves
  • In the case of a burn (chemical or thermal), rinse immediately with cold water and seek first-aid

Wear the appropriate gloves

  • Use protective gloves when working with tools
  • Wear proper gloves for every type of job
  • Use gloves that fit and that are suitable for the ambient temperature
  • A damaged glove is dangerous, throw it away

Prevent infections

  • Disinfect cuts and scratches to prevent infections
  • Protect wounds and wear gloves to prevent infection
  • Be alert to symptoms of injuries that are not clearly visible
  • When in any doubt always ask a doctor for guidance

Rotating machinery

  • When working near rotating elements be careful of your movements
  • Check safety systems and emergency buttons before operating
  • Never turn off a machine’s security systems, they are there to protect you
  • Engage the security shutdown system before putting your hands inside

Electrical risks

  • Ensure power is off before taking cables or bare conductors with bare hands
  • Never wear jewelries that could prime an arc or electric current

Immobilized working tools

  • Avoid injuries – use the proper working tools
  • Familiarize yourself with the tools and equipment
  • Only use tools that are perfectly adapted for each job
  • Always use the machine’s protection devices

Pinching and crushing

  • Never put your hands on the edge of a switch box, safety panel or tool box, etc. without securing the opening system
  • Never put your hands in a door frame, car door, cupboard or drawer

Working methods

  • Secure objects in a vice for cutting, piercing or grinding
  • When operating machines on a work bench, secure them
  • Only use wrenches that are the right size for the screw, nut or bolt head
  • Do not wear rings, watches or bracelets at work


Always wash your hands thoroughly:

  • After going to the bathroom, smoking or a break
  • Before eating, going home or putting your gloves on