Safe Driving Campaign

Dietsmann is fully committed to compliance with the most stringent health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) standards and applies all its clients’ safety rules when working on site. But Dietsmann is also committed to continuous improvement.
One of the 12 Dietsmann Safe Maintenance Rules relates to driving motorized vehicles. Dietsmann focused extra attention on this rule by launching a Safe Driving campaign.

Behavior to keep in mind for driving safely

  • Always drive with the vehicle’s windows closed and doors locked
  • Respect all subsidiary security rules
  • Prepare every route carefully
  • If there is a Journey Management Plan, respect it
  • When driving at night keep to the main roads and park the vehicle in a well-lit area
  • While driving, keep checking the area around the vehicle
  • Report all security-related incidents to Management
  • Keep a communication device in the vehicle for emergency use and ensure it is fully charged before you drive
  • Lock the vehicle whenever you park it, even if you only leave it for a few minutes
  • Do not keep the keys to your house on the same key-ring as your vehicle keys
  • Never leave valuable items in the vehicle where they can be seen
  • Do not stop your vehicle for anyone except an official representative (army, police, emergency services)

Dietsmann Driving Policy

  • All drivers must have a valid driving license
  • The driver must wear a seatbelt and is responsible for ensuring all passengers wear a seatbelt
  • Using a mobile phone while driving is forbidden
  • Speed limits must always be respected
  • Transporting people on a tray or pick-up is forbidden
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or a drug is prohibited

Driving a motorized vehicle

To drive a motorized vehicle

You must

  • Have a valid driving license and the authorization of Management
  • Be trained in defensive driving
  • Use the seatbelt, ensure all passengers use seatbelts, and respect speed limits
  • Carry out periodic vehicle inspections
  • Report all incidents

You must not

  • Use a motorized vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or a drug
  • Use a mobile phone while driving

Drive safely for everyone’s safety!